Breathe Pilates and Fitness Studio is proud to give back to our local community and around the world. Take a look at some of the wonderful things we are doing to help others and how you can jump in.

Nikki is the proud Co-Founder of Tache Interhumaine a school in Haiti with the objective to bring hope to the people of Haiti and make a difference in their lives by offering free education primarily and a meal to the children attending school. In addition, Tache Interhumaine hosts medical clinics to the community working with volunteer Haitian Dr. Whisky.

As a Karma Student you are considered a part of our working staff and Breathe team, sharing your energy and positive vibes with us while developing your own practice with greater commitment.

Join Breathe in supporting Nate, a wonderful young man, Yoga Teacher, Student, son, and friend who is diagnosed with Kidney Disease, and his dream to bring his message to other people about living a full life as he runs the Detroit Marathon.

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