Mindfulness & Meditation

Yoga and pilates are both mindful practices.  When you come onto your mat, you can begin to focus on your breathe and body awareness.  The mind-body connection is something that can get lost in the rush of every day life, so it is great when you can take just a little time for yourself on your mat!

Breathe also offers workshops and classes in Yin Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi to help you further your mind and body awareness.

Meditation classes

On the second Monday of every month, we offer Meditation with Gisele Harrison.  Several times a year, we also host a half or full day meditation with Gisele.

Keep an eye on our workshop calendar for other mindful and meditation based workshops at the studio!

Breathe Aerial Arts

Ever wanted to be in the circus? Breathe Pilates and Fitness offers several aerial arts classes!

Pole Fitness is a beautiful form of fitness and a challenge on the body! Pole fitness classes are available for all levels, no experience is required, and everyone is welcome.
Intro drop-in classes teach basic spins and poses, while our four week level series focus on building strength and pose progressions.
* shorts and tank tops required to allow skin contact with the pole.

Aerial Hammock gives students the chance to invert safely, build flexibility, strength and confidence, all with the support of sling fabric.
A broad range of classes are available, in levels 1 & 2, as well as conditioning for all levels.
* armpit and knee coverage are recommended but not required. You must take an introduction to Aerial class before taking other aerial classes at Breathe.

Lyra is an aerial art that combines tricks, flexibility and poses on a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling.
Intro drop in classes teach safely getting in and out of the hoop and basic poses, while workshop series focus on building upper body strength, sits and progressing poses.
* long sleeves and knee coverage are required to protect your skin.

Acro Yoga s a fusion of partner acrobatics and yoga. It explores movement, allowing you to engage mindfully with others, cultivating joy, trust and communication. No partner required to attend,
* form fitting clothes are recommended, that can easily tuck in to prevent feet and hands from sliding

Lyra Hoop
Pole fitness

Breathe Fit Mama

Breathe loves to support moms and moms to be!  Join our Facebook group to learn more about upcoming events, and socialize with other moms.
We have prenatal yoga and pilates workshops series, classes for mom & baby, as well as kids!  Want more information? Contact info@breathepilatesandfitness.com.

What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

Yoga. Yoga, is explained as a lifestyle, instead of just an exercise. It works towards offering a path to physical and mental well-being. It also includes all the exercise routines in conjunction with a healthy diet, relaxation, meditation, and breathing skills.

Pilates method, although inspired by certain yoga poses, is a complicated system. It works towards conditioning the entire body. Pilates is not an ancient practice as yoga. It is just eighty years old and invented by a German athlete, Joseph Pilates.
Pilates focus on developing the core strength inside the body and elongating the spine. This form of exercise would enhance strength and spread awareness on proper posture. Yoga basically emphasizes on the union of body with mind and spirit and works on the whole body. Yoga helps in relieving stress.

Come try out what we have to offer at Breathe Pilates and Fitness, from Pilates to Yoga, as well as Zumba and more!

Giving Back through Breathe

Karma Student Program

How it works:
A minimum of 6 months commitment is required to qualify.  We ask that you commit to work a 4 hour block shift once a week on the same day each week assisting our front desk managers with greeting members, signing in members, running the smoothie and tea bar, giving tours and helping to keep the studio clean and in exchange you receive unlimited classes for duration of your time with us (6 month comittment equals a 6 month unlimited membership).

As a Karma Student you are considered a part of our working staff and Breathe team, sharing your energy and positive vibes with us while developing your own practice with greater commitment.

It is hard work that requires commitment, work ethic and positive energy.  But it is also a great way of being a big part of the Breathe community and family, supporting one another on each of our own journeys.

What is required:

  • Completion of a Karma Student application
  • Recent resume
  • Interview with Nikki (studio owner)
  • Must be 18 years or older.

Karma Classes: Supporting L’Academie de Jude Canniff

Nikki, owner of Breathe, opened a Primary School in Haiti after volunteering her nursing services on a trip to Haita. The school now has 14 students one teacher and one cook.  The Karma classes, Kirtan and many other workshops at Breathe Pilates and Fitness support this school.