Respecting the Studio Space

  1. Please take your shoes off at the front of the studio. You can wear clean running shoes into Zumba and kickboxing classes.
  2. Avoid open food in the studio rooms. Enjoy your snacks and treats at the front of the studio.
  3. Please be curteous to the treatments and classes going on in the studio space and speak quietly when in the public space.  To respect the students around you, maintain silence or speak very softly when in the yoga room.
  4. Silence mobile devices, or store them outside the studio rooms.

Class Registration Policy

  1. You can sign up in advance for classes by calling ahead or registering online, but this is not necessary for most group classes.  Pre-registering for class with small class limits (like Aerial flow classes, Lyra) is recommended.
  2. If you are late for a class (5 minutes or less), please enter quietly to be respectful of your fellow students. If you pre-registered for a class, your spot may be forfeited.
  3. If you are over more then 5 minutes late for a class, the front desk staff may refuse you entry. This is for your safety and the comfort of fellow students.
  4. All new members must complete a registration form before their first class.

Inclement Weather Policy

Breathe reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather for the safety of their instructors and students.

  • If buses are cancelled, morning classes (before noon) will be cancelled.  Classes at noon or in the evening will be assessed based on road conditions. This will be updated on Facebook and breathe will do the best of their abilities to update the online schedule.
  • 6am classes will be cancelled the night before based on expected inclement weather (on a case by case basis), please check Facebook for the most up to date information. Breathe will do the best of their abilities to update the online schedule.

Workshop Policies

  1. It is recommended that you sign up online or at the studio for upcoming workshops to reserve your spot.  You must pay for the workshop in order to secure our spot.
  2. Workshop cancellations can be completed by phone or in person (e-mail and Facebook messaging not accepted) 2 days or more before the workshop. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cancellations less than 2 days prior to the workshop.
  3. Breathe reserves the right to cancel a workshop due to poor attendance and will alert all participants who have signed up, as well as provide you with a refund.