Breathe Aerial Arts

Ever wanted to be in the circus? Breathe Pilates and Fitness offers several aerial arts classes!

Pole Fitness is a beautiful form of fitness and a challenge on the body! Pole fitness classes are available for all levels, no experience is required, and everyone is welcome.
Intro drop-in classes teach basic spins and poses, while our four week level series focus on building strength and pose progressions.
* shorts and tank tops required to allow skin contact with the pole.

Aerial Hammock gives students the chance to invert safely, build flexibility, strength and confidence, all with the support of sling fabric.
A broad range of classes are available, in levels 1 & 2, as well as conditioning for all levels.
* armpit and knee coverage are recommended but not required. You must take an introduction to Aerial class before taking other aerial classes at Breathe.

Lyra is an aerial art that combines tricks, flexibility and poses on a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling.
Intro drop in classes teach safely getting in and out of the hoop and basic poses, while workshop series focus on building upper body strength, sits and progressing poses.
* long sleeves and knee coverage are required to protect your skin.

Acro Yoga s a fusion of partner acrobatics and yoga. It explores movement, allowing you to engage mindfully with others, cultivating joy, trust and communication. No partner required to attend,
* form fitting clothes are recommended, that can easily tuck in to prevent feet and hands from sliding

Lyra Hoop
Pole fitness

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